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The FCRN carries out integrative research into food systems and sustainability. By investigating emerging or controversial topics, we aim to shape the wider agenda on food systems sustainability, within communities of research, policy and practice.

Current projects

A collaborative project to define usable metrics for assessing food industry progress in delivering sustainable and healthy diets.

This one year project, a collaboration between the FCRN and the Food Foundation, has two main aims.  It will scope out the potential for developing a set of actionable, verifiable and industry-relevant metrics that define sustainable and healthy eating patterns; and it will build a multi-stakeholder partnership to advance the uptake of these metrics by those assessing food industry performance.  

Past projects

Ruminating on cattle, grazing systems, methane, nitrous oxide, the soil carbon sequestration question – and what it all means for greenhouse gas emissions.

This project aims to dissect claims made by different stakeholders in the debate on grazing systems and their greenhouse gas emissions and evaluate them against the best available science, providing an authoritative and unbiased answer to the question: Is grass-fed beef good or bad for the climate?