Knowledge for better food systems

Learn about food sustainability

The FCRN and its educational website Foodsource provide three main information sources for you to learn about food systems sustainability:

  1. Foodsource: Learn about sustainable food systems with our free, peer-reviewed educational website.
  2. The Research Library: Search our collection of over three thousand summaries of journal papers, reports and news articles.
  3. FCRN projects and reports: Browse over 40 FCRN publications resulting from our current and past research projects.


Foodsource provides a topic-based ‘walk through’ of social and environmental food system issues and concerns, from production through to consumption. Aimed at the wider food sustainability community – both students and professionals – it provides accurate, accessible and impartial knowledge to help build understanding of the many interlinked issues connected to our food system.

Research Library

The FCRN Research Library is our knowledge store. It offers a fully searchable archive of over 3,500 summarised papers, reports and other publications that focus on one or multiple dimensions of food and sustainability.


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