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The FCRN is all about the conversations and about transmitting knowledge and ideas in ways that people understand and that encourage further exploration and debate. We have created this space to encourage more personal stories with a focus on new ideas, debates and collaborations. The blog-posts are written by people who wish to share something related to new research, reflections from conferences and events or just to highlight thoughts on new ideas and emerging topics of concern. We encourage all of you to contribute. Don't hesitate to get in touch (mariepersson(at) to pitch a topic.

27 November 2017
Posted by: Adrian Muller

Organic agriculture can feed the world. The only question thereby being what “feeding the world” may mean. Today, it basically means high shares of animal products in diets and that a third of production is wasted. Projections for 2050 look similar. Does this make sense? No. And this is the...

18 November 2017
Posted by: Karin_Östergren

Generally, as researchers we are strongly focused on the future and frustrated that our research is not taken up fast enough in real life. However, sometimes we forget how much has been achieved. When it comes to food waste, a lot has happened in the last 5-10 years. In this post, we want to...

8 November 2017
Posted by: Rebecca Nesbit

The organic industry has vocally rejected genetically-modified crops (GMOs), making a public declaration in 1993 that they are incompatible with organic agriculture. Since then, many organic supporters have campaigned against GMOs, and organic farming regulations in...

24 October 2017
Posted by: FCRN

Last Monday brought a new report released which has received quite a lot of media attention focussing on the greenhouse gas...

24 October 2017
Posted by: Sue Dibb

This blog-post is by FCRN member Sue Dibb who is Executive Director of Eating Better, the UK civil society alliance of over 50 organisations that are working together to help people move towards eating less meat and dairy...

18 October 2017
Posted by: Adrian Muller

What is sustainable agriculture? Many implicitly assume that it somehow has to do with a “natural” environment wherein production takes place, with close linkages to soils and ecosystems. But why should this be so? If sustainable agriculture is claimed to be linked to soils and natural...

13 October 2017
Posted by: FCRN

Grazed and Confused?—the new report from the University of Oxford’s Food Climate Research Network—represents an important step forward in advancing our scientific knowledge on how we might feed ourselves sustainably.

Written by a number of eminent scientists involved in exploring...

10 October 2017
Posted by: FCRN


Although the Sustainable Food Trust (SFT) agrees with a number of specific points in the report (see below) we fundamentally disagree with its conclusions and we challenge some of the scientific evidence used and some of the authors’ analysis.

The report focuses...

10 October 2017
Posted by: Tara Garnett

Dear Sustainable Food Trust

Thanks for your response to our report.

I think many of your comments indicate that we share quite a bit of common ground, even though we have some differences.

Before replying to your points in detail, we thought it would be best...

3 October 2017
Posted by: Tara Garnett

Beef gets a bad press, environmentally speaking. We’re bombarded with reports highlighting its ...